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Thread: 3 Friday Doubles Events May 14 prior to Lexington Open

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    Default 3 Friday Doubles Events May 14 prior to Lexington Open

    Hello, all...
    Lexington Open XII is just 9 days away! We are getting excited!
    If you have not yet registered for this event, it is not too late!

    Tournament info is available at: for Advanced and Intermediate players
    or at for all Open and other Amateur Divisions

    DOUBLES FRIDAY: (MAY 14 - the day before the Open begins...)
    As part of next weekend's events, doubles events will be held during the day at three local courses: (all courses will also be open for singles/practice play during these events)

    Shillito Park DGC Doubles (Ricky Spaulding TD) - check in and play anytime between 12:00 and 6:00 PM.
    Veteran's Park DGC Doubles (Jerry Dobbins, TD) - check in and play anytime between 1:00PM and 4:00 PM.
    Riney B DGC Doubles (Nicholasville) (Drew Smith, TD) - check in and play at 4:00 PM.

    These are bring-your own partner doubles events - or, you can pair up with other singles there to play if you do not have a partner.

    Remember - the Lexington Open Player's meeting is at 7:30 PM at Shillito Park that Friday night - best opportunity to pick up your player's pack!

    Please take advantage of any or all of these events - these are a great, fun way to play practice rounds on the courses!

    Brought to you by The BDGA

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    Make that 8:00 for the Shilly Player's meeting
    the BDGA

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