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someone went ahead and tore my sign down at CV..
So because you did not like what I said in my post I am the first person you PM and ask if I tore down your sign? Really man? really? I know a group of people that really need to grow up. Why would I want to tear down your sign...I could honestly care less if you put a sign up? I was only telling you what I know from years of working on cars. If you dont like what I said in my post that is fine but to just accuse me of taking your sign down is really childish! Im starting to think that all of you people on this board are half crazy! Please do not continue to accuse me of anything....wether it be hitting your car or taking down your sign! I can promise you that is a path you do not want to travel! And if any of the people on this board led you to believe that it was me...I WANT TO KNOW WHO? Stop listening to these people they are the ones with the issues not me!