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Thread: 48 on new IQ with 9 deuces!!!


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    Default 48 on new IQ with 9 deuces!!!

    So I played IQ today with Brandon Westerman and his friend Lewis (Louis?) and had a pretty fantastic round, especially with my putting. Here it goes:

    1. 3 (50-footer through chains and out for birdie)
    2. 2 (drive right in the tree/bush, straddle-putted out for a deuce)
    3. 2 (parked it)
    4. 4 (10-footer for par went straight in, and came straight back out the front )
    5. 2 (30-footer)
    6. 3 (birdie putt from the woods hit the basket)
    7. 2 (parked it)
    8. 2 (25-footer)
    9. 3 (40-foot straddle putt to save par after approach was pushed into a tree trunk by a huge gust of wind)
    10. 2 (parked it!!!)
    11. 3 (40-foot putt hit the number sign right above the basket)
    12. 2 (skipped it to 10 feet, pin high!)
    13. 2 (15 feet behind basket)
    14. 4 (40-foot par putt hit basket, just a little low)
    15. 3 (miracle save, drive went 30 feet down the fairway cuz I pulled it wayyyyyy right straight into a tree, but then parked 2nd shot)
    16. 3 (on the hill, lay-up, drop-in)
    17. 2 (18-footer with a big tailwind)
    18. 4 (pulled drive into tree right next to cartpath and 35-foot par save hit 4 inches too low to go in)

    So aside from a couple unfortunate putts, I'd say this was a pretty successful round! Hope everyone enjoys Thunder tonight!
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    Larry and myself shot a 44 boogie free 10 down at IQ During Friday's
    league in the middle of a storm.
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    Nice throwing, sounds like you were dialed in that day! My putting has been a little off and I havn't been impressed with my latest rounds.
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