Monday I had a blow through on 10 at CV with a 165 Apache. I went up there to sell a bag to Brian Pait and then decided to try out the Apache after he left. I was carrying the Apache and an Element to each hole starting on 6. Played 6 & 7 with less than stellar throws but parred them.

I walked across to 10 and threw the Apache and I thought it was going long as it came over the wall and then it busted through the chains, hit the rim of the basket and fell out.

I played 11 and threw the Element to the flat spot between the trees next to where the ditch starts on the left and threw the Apache into the ditch. The Element seems to be a great gliding slightly understable mid. I threw it on 6 and almost hit Brennon on 5's tee. He pretended that he was going to catch it and I told him that I'm glad that were not on an Ultimate team if he catches like that.