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    Default orange champ groove

    So i recieved this disc a few days ago in exchange for a champ wraith i had in my car. It wasnt the fairest of trades - as the wraith had far less miles on it then the inked up groove.

    well the other day i let a buddy throw it on hole #1 at iq - where i was shocked that in instantly flipped over and took off into the construction area. he threw it a few more times but not so well

    yesterday i took some 6th - 8th graders from my youth group to test out the course. i gave the groove to a 6th grade girl and before i knew it - it hyzerd out of her in hand in a 20mph headwind - went high in the air and crashed down on a passing blue pickup heading south on new cut
    - upon retrieving the disc after being run over at least a half dozen times i passed it on to a 7th grade boy - who hits a 60 foot putt with it on hole #5 - next hole
    hole #6 water hole - i tell the kids all they have to is know they wont throw in the water and they will be all good - kids 1 - 5 throw and are all safe - then my 7th grade boy with that orange groove hyzers it straight into the pond -

    so long story short - i dont really want the disc back - but if anyone goes wading - around the turtle high ground - there is a orange groove - and also a glo cobra - and a 177g orange boss - and surely a few more discs - let me know

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    sounds like there should have been the "benny hill" theme music playing everytime that disc was thrown.
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    It is probably laying next to my yellow t-bird

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