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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremy View Post
    Nate works two jobs, has twin babies, has a wife, he's involved at a church, and he has other hobbies. It's not a matter of HAVING time it's a matter of MAKING time. I understand that not everyone can make that time but I'm certain that there quite a few people who can.
    For me, it's more than just the time. That's one thing, but there are other things that are much more limiting for me right now. I know you've done a lot and we're all thankful for that. Do I wish I could do more? You'd better bet your bippie. There's nothing I want more. I've tried to help in the past only to find "it wasn't needed."

    Glad to hear help is on the way, Nate. Maybe next year I can do more, health pending.
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