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    ALLSTARS Friday Night Leagues
    Starting March 19th 2010 at 6Pm
    $6.00 (.50 to end of leagues pot .50 to Club)
    $1.00 Ace Pool Starting out at $200.00
    TD will be Steve Dodson
    Point System
    We will be doing a Point System. Which will be used at the end of the Leagues that will be payed out using the Point System. Point system will be ran like (say if 6 people played)
    1st place 7 Points
    2nd place 5 Points
    3rd place 4 Points
    4th place 3 Points
    5th place 2 Points
    Last place 1 Point

    Out of Bounds
    Pro OB's will be on or over Sidewalks and on or over the Road
    AM OB's will be on or over the Road

    Other Info
    We will have Brand New CTP's every other Friday.
    Bag Tags will be played $1.00 pool Optional
    First person to hit the Ace will win the Ace Pool
    Any change of game-play will be put out in Advance.

    Discs for Sale
    We will also be selling New and Used Discs. Including 20year Star Rocs, and 2 of the First Pumpkin Bowl designed discs (first come first serve) Will be Sold before and after Leagues

    Hole closures due to construction
    While construction is going on at Iroquois park, holes 1 - 5 will be closed for at least the next 30 days. Jennifer will post when they will be reopened. This is to allow the construction workers to complete their projects and to allow the grass to regrow. We will still be able to have the Friday night AllStar leagues starting this Friday March 19 at 6pm. This will be the only time that these holes will be open so that people can try them out. This information will be available on the metro parks website soon and Jennifer will post the link as soon as it is available.
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