But I have to say I have had my best week of disc golf since starting this past August. Me and Ed Murphy played Meade Olin last week and I shot a 3 over par. I played there once with Terry Glass before and shot a 10 over so I was very excited to shave 7 off my score. I know guys like Jeremy and others probably can shoot that blindfolded but Im not far from being blindfolded without the blindfold so Ill take it.

Then yesterday I played my home course Buffalo Trace, lovely park you should come out and play it with me, with Terry and tied him for the first time with a 5 over par. So am i happy yes am i consistent no will I get there sure hope so. I just need a couple pointers from a couple guys who say they would love to show me some pointers. Kyle Reese hopefully, The Gaussers, Jeremy and of course anyone else I havent met that has the time to help out a Rookie... If Im shooting for LDGC 2010 Rookie of the Year award I need some pointers.

I love this sport and hope to continue to improve. Thanks for letting me brag about something most of you can already do. to tie and or beat guys like Ed Murphy and Terry Glass even once is a major accomplishment in the 6 months I been playing so far.