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Thread: I'm geting close to duecing #3 at CV


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    Default I'm geting close to duecing #3 at CV

    The last few times I've played CV I've had two drives off of the long tee CV #3 that ended up about 45' from the pin. I haven't been able to make the putts though. It's only a matter of time.

    I also have come close to acing CV #12 and I bounced out a duece opportunity at CV #11. These two near misses and one of the near misses on #3 happened during a solo round in the snow and slush on 2/21/10 on my first practice round, after missing 6 weeks due to a shoulder injury. I feel real good about that. I took mulligans but always played my first throw/lie and threw a 58, which for me, is smoking at CV.
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