Members Present:

Jim Ashton, Drew Dickerson, Charles Duffy, Eric Gallusser, Keith Gallusser, David Greenwell, Nate Hartlage, Ross Heichelbech, James McCormick, Steve Simpson, Jason VanOver, and Martin Young

Old News:

We discussed the need for more TD's again. We currently have four people in the club and need more. We are an affiliate club so any member who is current with the PDGA may take the officials test free of charge.

Metro Parks has agreed to let three people in the club to use chainsaws on the course for maintenance. So far we have Dave and Nate which leaves one spot open. We still need one more person for this so please let us know if you are interested. You will have to buy the gear needed if you don't already have it.

We started three committees at this meeting. If you have another suggestion for a committee or wish to join an existing one please let us know. Anyone may attend the committee meetings if they have suggestions or just want to know whats going on. Below are the committees and their current members.

Fundraising: Jim Ashton, Charles Duffy, and Jason VanOver
Membership: Drew Dickerson, Nate Hartlage, and Martin Young
Tournament: The Gallusser Bros, Nate Hartlage, and James McCormick

New Stuff:

We held elections at the meeting and had two new people voted in. Adam Higdon is the new Vice President and I am the new Secretary. The other officers remaind in their positions.

Nate spoke about the 2010 budget. Between club insurance, tournament fees, and cost of disc we will need to bring in atleast $2000 to cover this.

Sunday Febuary 7th is the Steve Dodson fundraiser event at CV. There will be a pancake breakfast starting at 6:30am and $2 gets you a small stack. Players meeting starts at 9am with a 9:30 tee time. After 27 holes of golf there will be lunch ($2 chili and $1 hotdogs) and other events. Mulligans are available for $5 each or three canned goods limit three per player. The cans will be given to a local food bank. Pro payout is 70% and 30% will go to Steve. We are taking donations for this if you are unable to attend.

We talked about running skillshot events in the future. These events will be used as fundraisers and tools for learning. Other disc sports will be included if there is enough interest.

Martin is working on the new bag tags and will let us know more later.

Metro Parks wants us to have three course representatives for CV. So far we have Dave and Nate with the third spot still open.

Support the live broadcast of the Memorial if you want to see this sport grow more and make it on television. More info can be found here: