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Club Meeting on the 19th

Elections for 2010 are on the agenda

nominations - lets here them

Vice President

Public Relations
Web Site Administer

The elected officials will head up three different committees -

Membership/Public Relations

the idea: Pres/Vice/Sec can serve on all three committees, Tres would head Fundraising, and PR would head Membership

If you are a club member in 2010 - you should serve on one of these three committees. This can be a great year and if we can divy up the work, bring together the great ideas that you all have, we can do amazing things for disc golf here in the Greater Louisville Area.
I think the officer duties Jeremy outlined along with the three committees Martin talked about (above) could really be good for the club. I hope we can adopt this and start getting these committees together at the meeting.

I don't like the idea of having the nomination AND voting at the meeting. The meeting was advertised on the Allstars board as being for everyone so having the nominations and not the votes should allow us to keep the meeting open to all (unless we've already scared them away by saying it's LDGC members only now). It doesn't give people any time to think over their vote and excludes people who are unable to attend. If we decide to adopt Jeremy's officer duties, a little extra time would allow the nominees to explain why they would be fit for the position. I would rather see nominations at the meeting and voting online, but that's just my opinion.