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    #1 1992- Hole #7 Iroquois, DX Innova Phenix divebomb hyzer, basket only no chains
    #2 1994- Hole #11 Iroquois, DX Stingray anhyzer line, didn't hear it go in maybe no chains.
    Both of the above holes were much more difficult when all the trees were still there.

    Long hiatus of playing zero to a couple of rounds per year.

    #3 October 3, 2009 on #7 Iroquois, 175gr. Star Orc on a hyzer line @ Greater Louisville Open. had to split ace pool 3 ways and amatuer CTP 2 ways. My first tournament and first tournament ace. Lost disc two weeks ago today on a friend's property. I will not rest until I find that Orc.

    I have hit metal on Hole #1 ( Champ Coyote),and #7 at CV (Star Sidewinder).
    I have hit metal on #2 (3X), #3, #4, #5, #6, #7(many times) #9, #12 at Iroquois.

    I just came back to the sport in July of 2009 and have spent the year knocking the rust off and played my first tournament, all in preparation for beginning competition in 2010 as a new PDGA member.

    Life begins at 47
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