I think Scott R. said it best a few months ago; sometimes you just get sick of playing the same local courses. Well, the Iroquois super course thread got me thinking, why not play Buffalo Trace that way? So, I went there today and played it super course style, and Wow, what a tough and fun way to play Buffalo.

I played all the odd holes first to the next basket. For instance 1 to #2 basket, 3 to #4 basket and so on. When I got to 17, I played to #19 basket and skipped 18 completely. Then I played all the even holes. 2 to #3 basket, 4 to #5 basket and so on. When I got to 18 I skipped it and played 19 to #1 basket to end the round.

Yeh, I took an xxx whoopin' , but had a great time. My score was 79. That gives me a benchmark. Something to improve on.

Another variation I have played at Buffalo is Long/Short. (L1, S2, L3, S4 and so on). Also, Short/Long (S1, L2, S3, L4 and so on).

Variety truly is the spice of life.