Over all this weekend seemed like a HUGE success. Sure there were some minor hiccups but over all Louisville first A-tier flowed pretty seamlessly. After day one I was a bit nervous that the AMS wouldn’t make it in time for the final nine but our schedule proved positive as everyone that wanted to arrived just in time to see it. Thanx to everyone who came out!

Just a few formal thank yous:

Thanx to John Campbell and the New Albanian Brewery for being an amazing host and HUGE financial sponsor.

Thanx to FADE Gear LLC for their financial sponsorship and donating bags to first and second place in EVERY division.

Thanx to Innova Disc Golf for their sponsorship.

Thanx to my wife, Julie, for donating her weekend to make it a fun weekend for us all.

Thanx to Steve Simpson for co-TDing and running the AM side of the tourney.

Thanx to Johnny, Dianna, and Corey Greenwell for driving all the way from E-town and donating their weekend to us.

Thanx to Bubby, Sweat, and Ross for donating their time to volunteer at our event.

Thanx to everyone involved the massive course cleanups before the tourney.

Thanx to Adam Higdon for the caddy books and being a great emergency resource before the event.

Thanx to Terry Glass for the last minute hole sponsor push.

Thanx to all of our sponsors and friends that made this event happen. Without the help from everyone this event would have never been possible.