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    Default Aerobie Epic

    Anyone used this? Aerobie Epic. Saw a guy with one the other day and he was forehand throwing it really far.

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    Personally I have not thrown one but from what I hear its a love or hate disc. People use it for overhands and tune it to get certain results. When thrown properly it barrels over and soars for some insane D. I see alot of people trade/buy them then turn around and do the same a week or so later.

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    Like Kao said it's a love hate disc. It can be bent to tune in to a specific style throw. I have one really more for novelty more than anything else. I have mine tuned in to do two complete barrel roles on a tomahawk and then flatten out and fly upside down. I really only use it to tommy when I need to get through a super tight gap a ways off, it flies with about a 15 foot wide barrel roll.

    I can also put another bend in it that gives me a ridiculously long forehand roller (for me at least). It's too difficult to tune in for a consistent backhand or roller. 95% of the people you meet that throw it use it solely for overhand shots. I got mine for $3 off Ebay.

    Check out for some more info on it.

    If you do get one to use overhand be careful of trees, the plastic does not take the abuse too well.

    I'm lucky to throw it once every 10 rounds or so but I have a buddy that throws his 10-12 times a round. Whenever one of us donks the throw the other one always says "EPIC FAIL". It's also great when I play RIPT because most people haven't thrown it so I always find a way to play a card for them to throw it and shank a shot.

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    hate this disc. i hid mine from myself at iroquios park. tossed it into the water to the right of hole two. it is red and says "if found, throw in fire". If you want it get it. i'm sure it's just a puddle now. I did use it for thumbers, but i can use any other driver for that.

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