Theres 20 days left until the tournament and I want to get a rough estimate on how many people will be coming to the tournament. Plus I want to make sure we have enough food for everyone. If you can preregister online it would make it a little easier on me. You can find out how to in the Buffalo Trace Open topic.

If you say your coming and haven't paid I'll mark your name as red on here but I'll put you on the list.

Who's coming so far.

Jesse Reid (I think he said put him down can you confirm?)
Adam Higdon
Josh Winfrey
Terry Glass
Jon Winfrey
John Clark
James McCormick
Jeremy Watts
Martin Young
Billy Serapiglia
Scott Bateman
Russel Gore
Michael Ohlman
John Allgeier
Jennifer Allgeier
Scott Reif
Ellena Gallusser
Eric Gallusser
Nathaniel Pope
Cathie Ferguson
Lauren Yurt