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Thread: Almost back-to-back aces on 12 at IQ

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    Default Almost back-to-back aces on 12 at IQ

    So Josh Roehrig and I were playing with his cousin on 6/20 in the evening. We were on hole 12, and we were trying to show him how to throw down the hill so that it wouldn't hit any trees or fly 10 miles left. So Josh threw this high floater along the trees on the right. I said, "Well, that's a bit higher than you'd want to try to throw..." and then I shut up and we watched the disc float down towards the hole. Right before the hole, the disc hit a branch, went down quickly, and then we heard chains. His disc stayed in, too! Way to go, Josh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So after settling down from all the adrenaline of his ace, I threw one down there on a slightly lower angle than his. It was directly on line with the chains, but at the last second it hit a (stupid!) branch! We almost had back-to back aces! He even said he thought it was going in, too.

    So congratulations, Josh!!!! Only three months in you got your first ace under your belt!!!!!! I still don't have one playing for a year so far.

    Guess I'll save mine for the ace pool one Wednesday this summer :P.
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    Default Re: Almost back-to-back aces on 12 at IQ

    Congrats man...I've been playing for over a year and don't have my first ace yet either...

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