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Thread: Bag tag results for IQ

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    Default Bag tag results for IQ

    James McCormidk 47 /+4/51 #25 new #22
    Rob Wildt 50/0/50 #7 new #3
    Ed Murphy 56/0/56 #22 new #25
    Nick Murphy 67/-5/62 #32 new #32
    Rick Barr 51/0/51 #3 new #7

    Ace pool was $10 and Nick M won the CTP for the winnings
    Bag tag $5 collected for leagues.

    Thanks to everyone who made it out It was a blast

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    Default Re: Bag tag results for IQ

    thanks james -

    Hey everyone I am looking for a volunteer to run leagues this coming weekend - let me know-

    its easy just pick a course you want to play - and everyone who has a tag is invited - then play the game

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