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They just pulled Otter Creek Park because they said they cannot afford to keep it running and I don't think that a new course is on there mind. I'm never negative but I do know our parks dept because I have dealt with them for years and they are not disc golf friendly. They told us they don't even want us to place portable baskets out at Tom Sawyer Park. The problem isn't the LDGC, it's the parks dept!
I've heard many many stories about how difficult the parks department is to deal with and I don't doubt that, but government usually is. But something doesn't add up. Why are they hard for us to work with but appear to be easy for the Allstars to work with?

How is it the Allstars were able to do all the cleanup work they did, pull baskets out of the ground making them extremely easy to steal, and completely redesign the course for their tournament? I've heard many people say they got permission to do what they did. If that's true, we obviously have something to learn from them.