Most of these discs were bought as "lots" when I first started, some have been found, others I've traded to help somebody out. All listed here are Innova DX discs. Unless noted the discs are like new or extremely close to it.

174 DX Banshee - Marooon
175 DX Beast - Red (teeth marks from a dog but doesn't affect it)
175 DX Beast - White
175 DX Cheetah - Pink
150 DX Cheetah - Pink
175 DX Eagle - Yellow
175 DX Orc - Red
172 DX Shark - Bright Red
150 DX Shark - Red
169 DX Valkyrie - Yellow (beat in nicely)
165 DX Valkyrie - Yellow (beat in quite a bit)
165 DX Wraith - Peach (beat in quite a bit)
175 DX Wraith - Blue (beat in nicely)

If you're interested in any of them just PM me an offer, cash or trade, and then we can meet up at a park sometime next week. Will trade multiples for Star or Champion.