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Thread: 7th ace, hole 18 at Georgetown

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    Default 7th ace, hole 18 at Georgetown

    When I got at the course yesterday, I caught up with Andy, his neighbor and neighbor's father in law who were on the last 2 holes, so I could start the next round with them. Since two of the guys are new to the sport, they were playing from the shorts. So we get on 18 and Andy says something like, "yeah, Adam will probably ace it from here."

    And I did
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    Default Re: 7th ace, hole 18 at Georgetown

    Hey Adam save some of those aces for fun farm.

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    Default Re: 7th ace, hole 18 at Georgetown

    it was pretty psychic. if only i could use my powers to benefit myself more often. that is two ive talked in, in the past week.

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