Some preliminary information on this year's version of the Lebanon Open.

I'll be TDing this year's tournament (per David Greenwell's request) and I just wanted to fill you in on the preliminaries. We'll be getting this tournament sanctioned soon, so it will be on the schedule at the PDGA website.

The tournament this year will be a one day even, two rounds. It will be on Saturday, June 13th. Player's meeting will be at 8:30 and first round start at 9. There will be one hour between rounds, so plenty of time to catch a bite from one of the local restaurants if you so desire. I'll be posting information about rooms available or camping for anyone that want's to come on Friday for a few practice rounds.

This year's tournament is a little different. As I said, it's only a one-day event this year with two rounds. Obviously, this isn't the state USDGC qualifier as it was last year. There will be a minimum of $2,000 added to the prize pool and great players packs for all who enter.

David Greenwell has already announced that he will be here to defend his title. Who's going to be here to take it from him?