Just a reminder that there is a skins tournament on the 14th at IQ. I haven't had any action on the post in a few days and there isn't many Open/Adv players signed up. Thanks Jeremy for sending out the PM to everyone.

For more information go here http://http://www.louisvillediscgolf...php?f=5&t=2635

If you are interested let me know.

I haven't heard from Billy, Sam and some other local advanced players. I haven't got confirmation from Butter, Scott, or other Open players except those listed. I would also like to see some Masters and GMs sign up too. Jim Ashton, Steve Simpson, Bub Hill, Fireman Foley - Where are you guys? Lets try to have a great turnout. AMs are almost full. Now lets see the Pro side play for some real $$$.

Don't be scared of the format. You will be group by your rating so you Adv. players won't be teeing off against any high 900 or 1000 rated players. And for us Rec players, the Int. player is just as far away!!!

This is a great way to raise funds for the NACVO so come out for a unique tournament that everyone has been asking for.