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Thread: Work Day at Georgetown

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    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out and helped us work at Gary Cavan today. We made a ton of progress and improved the course tremendously. All of your help is very appreciated!!!!!


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    Yes, a big thanks to everyone who helped, we got so much done. This course is coming a long so nicely now. We cleared a completely new fairway for hole 10, cleaned up downed branches on holes 9 and 11, cleared a place for the new long placement on hole 13 and moved the pad back about 100' on hole 16. It's wonderful to be able to watch this course really take shape.

    We even got in a round of doubles after wards. Brent from the parks department played with us (his second round ever) and he was nailing 20' putts like they were nothing. It shouldn't be long until he's beating us!
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