I wanted to let everyone know that Brent Harrison (New Albany Park Dept.), Adam Higdon, and myself all met out at the course yesterday for a workday. The end-result of our work was a significant change to hole #8. The long tee pad and basket placement both have changed.

When finishing up hole seven proceed directly out the side of the woods and you will find the long tee pad. (Do not turn around and walk back out the same way you entered the woods) The short pad placement did not change.

The basket placement has moved about 30-50 feet from its original location and is on the same tree line as before, but a little further back towards the trees. You may want to take a look at where the basket is before attempting your shot.

There are several more changes to come. We are going to plan a larger workday on the weekend to reconstruct hole #10. We have a design in mind, but it will take a lot of clearing to make this happen. We will keep everyone posted and if anyone wants to join us for the work, we would appreciate the help! This course is becoming a really nice course, and once we get some additional changes implemented (and if we can get the six additional holes approved and put in), it will only become better.