I am hosting a skins tournament on Saturday March 14. It looks like we have enough interested to play on that date. The instructions are below. Basically I'm stealing Lyle's tournament instructions he has posted in the Out of Town events (Thanks Lyle). Please support Lyle becuase he really supports us too.

I will be putting Nov/Rec/Int as AMs and Adv/Open as pros. Since you are grouped by ratings it won't matter if you are Advanced because you are playing against other advanced players. Also IQ is easy enough to were the difference between a high rated Advanced and Low rated Pro won't make much of a difference.

Please let everyone know that may not visit the board. Martin will be posting information at the courses.

• Iroquois disc golf course, Louisville, KY
• Foursomes playing for discs or cash on every hole
• Field limited to 24 amateurs and 32 pros
• Am Player Check-in – 9:00 a.m.; Am Player’s Meeting – 9:30 a.m.; Am Staggered Start – 9:45 a.m.
• Pro Player Check-in – 10:30 a.m.; Pro Player’s Meeting – 11:00 a.m.; Pro Staggered Start – 11:15 p.m.
• You must be pre-registered and pre-paid to participate!
• Each group will be paired based on skill level and/or PDGA rating
• Each Am foursome will compete for 18 discs over 18 holes. (The discs will be DX, Champion or Star from the last few tournaments that we had in Louisville and some other discs collected by the club)
• Each Pro foursome will compete for $10 per hole
• Traditional Skins Game rules will be followed (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skins_game for more information). Ties will be broken on playoff holes (1, 2, 15, 18 - More if needed)
• Am entry is $30 per person. Pro entry is $50 per person.
• Profits from the tournament will go to add cash and other needs for the 2009 New Albanian Charlie Vettiner Open
• To pre-register or for more information contact Jason VanOver at 502-376-1265 or jvanover@insightbb.com or pm me on the message board.

Don't forget to pre-register. If you don't pre-pay before the tournament, you may miss out if we fill up.