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Thread: Moving Forward!

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    Default Moving Forward!

    We are pleased to announce that the Kentucky State Parks Department has approved our proposal to build a disc golf course at the Possum Ridge location at the Taylorsville Lake State Park.

    "The project has been approved but with stipulations," said Bill Drury. We currently have very little information regarding what these stipulations consist of but we know that we will have to provide them with even more information before moving forward.

    As you are well aware, the economy is tight right now and state departments are cutting back in great measures. The Spencer County Disc Golf Course committee will be meeting very soon to discuss in detail how to provide realistic plans to finance and build the course.

    To ensure the continuation of these plans we need your help more than ever. It will require volunteer labor, public donations, and team work to make this successful. If you would like to commit yourself to volunteer time and/or donations, please email your name and commitment to us at so that we can generate a list showing our growing support.

    Thank you for your continued support, your encouragement and commitment is greatly appreciated.
    Possum Ridge Disc Golf Club, Spencer County, KY.

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    Exciting stuff! I can't wait. I've heard nothing but GREAT things about the potential course.
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    Shouldn't be any problem getting funding, Congress has just agreed to a $800,000,000,000+ porkulas program

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