The 2009 tags are in and for sale. We sold 9 at the meeting at Rooster's Saturday for $10 each to new/current LDGC memebers. Since we didn't have an opening tournament this year we drew numbers (1-15) from a bowl on which tag # you would get. There are still 3 gold tags available including the #1 tag!!!

I have all the names of the people that have bought tags so far and will update the 2009 Taggers list in a little while.

So for those of you wanting to get a tag please contact me on the message board or call me at 376-1265. The cost will be $10 for new/current LDGC members or $15 for non-members LDGC members. (You can pay me your membership dues and I will get them to Nate or whoever the treasurer is now if you would like to knock out both at the same time.) You will random draw like everyone else did except I will add some numbers 16-20 into the pot until all of those sell and then I will sell 21-25 like last year on first come first serve.