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Thread: Charlie Vettiner Ice storm report

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    Default Charlie Vettiner Ice storm report

    Martin and myself went out today and walked the course.
    Well we did throw some plastic but not too much.

    The course held up pretty well. Hole 4 took the most
    damage again. The tree on the left edge of the fairway is
    gone. We just lost one big one and now the remaining
    tree is gone. Lot's of broken branches in all the trees.

    Hole one took a little damage also. The trees all leaning
    in the fairways but most have not broken as of now. Tons of ice
    on the trees.

    No baskets were damaged. It was real close on hole six.

    A big cedar on hole 12 is down but it really was not in play.

    The mando tree on hole 18 lost some branches.
    Crazy week.

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    Default Re: Charlie Vettiner Ice storm report

    no aces???

    Thanks to my sponsor

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    Default Re: Charlie Vettiner Ice storm report

    I'm glad that nothing major was damaged. Thanks for the report guys! Has anyone checked out IQ yet?
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    Default Re: Charlie Vettiner Ice storm report

    played some CV before a meeting this afternoon - wow was it cold and slick and really amazing a winter desert

    hole 1 has some large broken branches in it
    hole 3 has some tree sized branches
    hole 4 lost another tree on the left side and a few more broken pieces
    hole 5 lost some parts of the evergreens around basket
    hole 6 giant branch next to the basket
    hole 11 some branches down around the ditch
    hole 13 lost some evergreens above the circle around the basket
    hole 15 big branch down in the rough on the left
    hole 18 some of the big mando tree is on the ground

    all in all amazing rather unscathed
    all baskets are 100%

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