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    Default New Gateway Plastic

    I got in some new Gateway discs molded in their new clear Evolution polymer. I got two new totally clear Wizards and a translucent re-molded Element mid-range. I also got Element in their plain Evolution plastic as well.

    First the Wizard: Pretty consistant flight pattern as a new Wizard but the plastic is a little weird. It's like a gummy Champion plastic. At first I thought I would like it because I like my putter supper soft and the clear Wizard has the same basic softness as my SSS Wizard but the grip is different. I think I may like it better if it was stiff plastic. I did some cross-wind drives with it and it held its line ok but I also released one anhyzer and it stayed anhyzer where my normal SSS Wizard comes out of it. More testing needed as it may become my driving putter because it weighs 170 and my SSS weighs 175.

    Translucent Evolution Re-mold Element: Plastic is gummy like the clear wizard. The disc is understable and turned over quick into a head wind. Held its line in a tail wind and I didn't throw it crosswind. I'm not for sure what this disc is supposed to do really. It says straight mid-range driver on the disc but it flew understable and I don't have enough snap to make a disc turnover normally. I have an old mold Element made out of regular Evolution plastic and it flies more overstable for me.

    Evolution Re-mold Element: Flies understable compared to my old mold Element so I'm not for sure what it's supposed to be. Gateway also has a new mid called a Warrior that is supposed to be way overstable and a new mid coming out that is supposed to be in between the Warrior and Element. Maybe the Warrior will be overstable, new disc will be stable and the Element will be unstable.
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    Default Re: New Gateway Plastic

    Michael has several Warriors. I personally haven't thrown it more than 2 or 3 times but initally it seems pretty overstable. Watching Michael throw it forehand it seems even more overstable than it does for me. However that is probably due to the fact that I snap everything hard now. Unless it is crazy overstable it just turns over for me.

    The elements suck for me, they might as well be roller discs. The original one I had was a test fly disc and it too said straight midrange. I totally disagree with that, Damon on the other hand throws it straight as an arrow.

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