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    Default Charlie Vettiner Ace Wall Of Fame

    List your name, date, and disc - and be added to the Wall - I have also included mention of dueces on 3, 16, and any 3's on 18


    Dave Greenwell "First Charlie Vettiner Ace" Condor
    Mike Mayer
    Tim Foley Comet
    Martin Young 9-25-07 Champion Aviar
    Ross Marean
    Russ Gore 12-28-08 Soft Challenger
    Dave Greenwell DX Roc
    Tim Foley Comet
    Robby Wildt 3-11-09 DX Rhyno
    Jeremy Cordy 5-15-09 Storm
    Martin Young 5-21-09 Champion Aviar
    Robby Wildt
    Michael Olhman
    Will Burke
    Mo Khan 10-22-09 Gateway Element
    Billy Serapiglia 5-5-10 DX Roc
    James McCormick 8-23-10 DX Aviar ($200 Monday doubles league)
    Jeremy Cordy 8-31-10 DX Stingray
    Martin Young 8-31-10 DX Aviar (wedged)
    Robbie Shewmaker 9-3-10 Buzzz
    Martin Young 2-8-11 DX Aviar
    Dale Helfrich 3-2-11 Crystal Buzz
    Mike Owen Elite Z Buzz
    Robby Wildt 3-27-12 Ryhno (1st of 2 aces during the round)
    Justin Marquess 4 -30-12 DX Aviar
    Scott Rief 5-9-12- DX Aviar
    Steve Bowra 9-2-12 (PDGA US Masters Ace Pool)


    Martin Young - 7-3-09 Champ Boss
    Martin Young - 10-1-09 Champ Boss
    Adam Higdon - 11-1-09 Champ Boss (virgin flight)
    Robby Wildt - 10-17-10
    Dave Bustetter - 11-15-10 Champ Groove

    Hole#3 (any 2's)

    Jeremy Watts (2X)
    Mickey Pennington (2X)
    Sam Shaheen
    Wyatt Hardenberg
    Bryan Sparrow
    Jeremy Cordy (2X)
    Russ Gore 4-13-09
    Martin Young 9-4-09
    Martin Young 3-18-10 Champ Katana (33 feet)
    Dave Bustetter
    Eric Gallusser 8-29-10
    Matthew Blakely 9-5-10 (CVO)
    Daniel Allgeier 6-5-12
    Dave Bustetter 8-30-12


    Hole #5

    Martin Young 4-5-07 Champion Teebird
    Dave Greenwell Star Teebird
    Landon Williams 1-24-09 First Run Z Buzz
    J.D. McCormick 7-26-09 Jesper Lundmark Striker
    Robby Wildt 3-27-12 Buzz (2nd of 2 aces during the rd)

    Hole #6

    Martin Young 5-12-08 Star X-Calibur
    Martin Young 2-17-09 First Run Champion Boss
    Brady Barnett 2-20-10 FLX Surge
    Robby Wildt 7-13-12 Nuke OS - Friday Night League $19

    Hole #7

    Brian Pierce 2008 USDGC Roc
    Dave Greenwell DX Roc
    Daniel Ledford Z Predator (2X)
    Dave Bustetter 8-13-08 11X KC Pro Roc
    Robby Wildt 4-12-10 DX Roc ($74 Allstars Monday Doubles League)
    Ray Gile 7-20-10 Pro Katana
    Mo Khan 8-29-10 Star Teebird
    Billy Serapiglia 9-24-10 Champ Roc
    Mark Wampler 6-17-11 Star Roadrunner
    Daniel Allgeier 8-13-11 Z Buzz
    Mike Owen 3-25-12 Leopard ($200 LDGC Winter League)
    Dan Sisk 5-12-12 Charlie Vettiner Open
    Phil Roberts 4-16-13 Blizzard Destroyer

    Hole #8

    Hole #9

    Dave Greenwell 2007 Champion First Run Sidewinder
    Dave Greenwell 2007 Pro Wraith
    Dave Greenwell Champion Monarch
    Martin Young 3-18-09 Champion Monarch
    Rick Barr 3-3-10
    Billy Serapiglia 7-30-11 Champion Sidewinder
    Michael Ohlman 9-23-11 Champion Monster

    Hole #10

    Jeremy Watts 4-20-06 DX Roc
    Dave Greenwell DX Roc
    Daniel Ledford Pro Rhyno
    Scott Rief Roc
    Bryan Sparrow 4-29-07 Crystal Buzz (First Ace)
    Martin Young 6-15-07 Champion Classic Roc
    Dave Bustetter 8-6-08 Star Sidewinder
    Dave Bustetter 4-2-09 Pro Pig
    Martin Young 4-28-09 Champion Firebird
    Wyatt Hardenberg 7-3-09 CFR Champion Destroyer
    Nate Hartledge 9-5-09 NACVO OPEN
    Billy Serapiglia 8-19-10 DX Roc
    Tim Foley 8-29-10 DX Roc
    Ray Gile 3-29-11 DX Wraith
    Martin Young 5-10-11 Champion Roc
    Dave Bustetter 5-11-11 Hornet
    Eric Gallusser 6-2-11
    Daniel Allgeier 10-2-11 Z Buzz
    Ralph Gallagher 5-10-2012 Blizzard Teedevil
    Richie Ramsey 4-2-2013 ($200 ace pool at Tuesday Doubles League)

    Hole #11

    Tim Foley 12-17-09 Champion Boss
    Dave Bustetter 5-6-11 XG Boss

    Hole #12

    George Whipperman (have this one on video somewhere)
    Dave Greenwell Pro Valkyrie
    Jeremy Watts 6-23-07 DX Roc
    Dave Greenwell Pro Wraith
    Sparrow 5-5-08 Elite Z Buzz
    Tim Foley CE Valkyrie
    Martin Young 1-21-09 Champion Monarch
    Keith Gallusser 8-2-09 DX Roc (skip)
    Adam Tabor 3-9-10 Star Teebird
    James McCormick 10-25-10 Elite Z Tye-Dye XL

    Hole #13

    Johnny Williams 3-15-14 (Louisville Classic 5)

    Hole #14

    Dave Greenwell Star Teebird
    Sparrow 2006 Star Tee-Rex
    Martin Young 12-06-06 Star Tee-Rex
    Martin Young 12-31-07 Star Firebird
    Sparrow 4-16-08 Star Tee-Rex
    Sparrow 3-21-09 Star Tee-Rex
    Billy Serapiglia 11-16-09 DX Stingray
    James McCormick 8-14-10 Champion Teebird
    Billy Serapiglia 7-30-11 DX Stingray

    Hole #15

    Dave Greenwell DX Roc
    Billy Serapiglia 2008 CFR Champion Wraith
    Damon Ohlman 6-2-08 Champion Sidewinder
    Dave Greenwell DX Roc
    Ben Verkamp 9-6-09 NACVO OPEN Elite Z Flick
    Billy Serapiglia 11-25-09 Champion Roc
    Dave Greenwell DX Roc
    Andrew Jacobs 11-28-09 Star Teebird
    Dave Bustetter 12-16-09 Champion Orc
    Robby Wildt 9-21-10 ($19 ace pool)
    Scott Kanuth 5-12-12 Charlie Vettiner Open

    Hole #16 (any 2's)

    Sparrow - short position

    Keith Gallusser 6-4-10
    James McCormick 8-30-10

    Hole #17

    Dave Greenwell Pro Wraith

    Hole #18 (any 3's)

    Jeremy Watts (2X)
    Mickey Pennington (2X)
    Daniel Ledford (2X)
    Scott Rief
    Dave Greenwell (2X)
    Eric Gallusser (2X)
    Billy Serapiglia 2-19-08
    Martin Young 7-29-08
    Billy Serapiglia 8-13-08
    Scott Rief 3-20-09
    Ryan Ball 7-8-09
    Martin Young 11-24-09 (under the basket in two)
    Eric Gallusser 6-18-10
    Martin Young 7-6-10
    Josh Dobelstein 8-14-10 (15 footer)
    Scott Rief 3-19-11 - CV Classic
    Steve Boylan 3-19-11 - CV Classic
    Eric Gallusser 3-19-11 - CV Classic
    Daniel Ledford
    Robby Wildt 8-20-11 - Global
    Eric Gallusser 8-20-11 - Global
    Tyler Horne - 9-17-11 CVO
    Paul Oman - 3-17-12 Classic - on rout to a 45 course record (no 4s)
    Martin Young - 4-17-12 (First CV Singles League)
    Daniel Ledford - 4-19-12
    Eric Gallusser 5-12-12
    Daniel Allgeier 5-12-12
    Nikko Locastro 5-12-12
    Matt Kern 5-12-12 dropin
    Daniel Allgeier 8-4-12
    Justin Marquess 3-8-14
    Justin Marquess 7-29-14
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