I met with the parks department today at Georgetown and found out some great news about this course.

There are lots more positive change on the way, and that's in addition to all the great changes that have already been made. A number of the holes are going to be changed to make them longer or more difficult, and they're planning on adding 6 more holes to make it a 24 hole course!

I walked the entire course and saw what's going to change and where new holes are going to be added. The additions and changes really take advantage of the elevation changes, which is one of the great strengths of this park. That will make for some more challenging holes and they're also adding a 450+ ft par 4 hole which is super sweet. This is really going to be a solid course when they're done with it.

And I nearly forgot, there's already talk of cementing the long pads. I'm sure that's a ways off because the changes need to be completed first, but it sounds like it's in the works.

The parks department lots has lots of great things going on in Georgetown will plenty more to come, so stay tuned!