I want to have a club meeting on the 31st of Jan. , 4pm at Roosters. This will allow a solid 3 weeks or more of notice. I would hope that all serious members will try to attend. Please plan to pay your 2009 dues and for those interested, you have time to sign up for the email version of the TD exam in order to get certified. As a member of an affliated club,you can avoid the $10 fee. I also extend an invitation to anybody that might be thinking about joining the LDGC to come on out and sign up, remember our strength is in our numbers. We need to start making plans for the '09 CVO among other things, so we need to have a good turn out for this and future meetings to keep on top of upcoming events. Russ Gore agreed to take on the important Telephone Comm. so if you know of someone who has no internet access. pass on their phone number so they can be contacted. I also wanted to see if there is any interest in the members of the discussion board to be sponsers of the CVO. If everyone registered on this site were to pledge $10 towards the CVO we could add about $2,000 to the pay out. I will begin by pledging $10 toward the CVO and we will see what kind of interest there is. There is no pressure, just an idea of mine. If you don't want to, no problem. We are waiting to hear from the State Dept of Recreation and Tourism about the Spencer Co. Disc Golf Course, as soon as I know anything, I or Possumking will let you know. I have high hopes. See you on the course and on the 31st!