With a few discussions with Martin, Jeremy and Adam we are happy to come to a conclussion that we are going to have a 2009 bag tag challenge. I am only going to order 40 tags for 2009 with 1-10 being gold and 11-40 being silver.

This year will be a little different as we are going to give a benefit to those joining LDGC a $5 discount on the tags. So if you join the LDGC for 2009 your tag will be $10. If you choose not to join the LDGC, you can still participate in the bag tag challenge but the cost of your tag will be $15 like it was in 2008.

One additional item is that only $1 from each tag will go to fundraising for the LDGC instead of the $2 that was collected in 2008. More than likely, the $1 from each tag will go to the CVO as well has the money collected from last year.

I will be ordering them this week or next and tags will be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis instead of having an opening tournament. Since it is part of the membership drive, when you pay Sam or other club officers that are taking 2009 memberships send me a pm or post a message that you have paid and I will start the Taggers list and hand out tags accordingly.