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Thread: Russ' Aces.....

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    Default Russ' Aces.....

    Well I got another one as Dave said, screaming like a little girl
    That makes 6 in my 15 years of playing, which is the reason I still go "NUTS" like it was the first one ever. When they happen it's something special. Unlike Jeremy who hits Ace's as frequently as Birdies , I still get way excited. I bet people outside the park heard me!

    summer of 98'
    Ace Hole 5 @ IQ
    White DX Gazzelle
    Ace Hole 7 @ IQ
    Red DX Stingray
    Ace Hole 7 @ IQ
    Red DX Stingray
    Ace Hole 5 @ IQ
    White DX Gazzelle

    Oct of 07'
    Ace Hole 6 @ OCP
    Red OCP stamped Crystal Buzz

    Dec. 28th 08'
    Ace Hole 1 @ CV
    Yellow RTS stamped Soft Challenger(my primary upshot disc which means I can't put it away )

    More to come, might be a while though............
    or maybe not I've been really close on a bunch lately just like I was the summer of 98' when I got 4

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    Default Re: Russ' Aces.....

    maybe you just need another gazzele

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