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Thread: Got Disc Golf Stats?

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    Default Got Disc Golf Stats?

    For those of you who don't know me, my name is Michael Waits and I'm one of the guys working to get a disc golf course in Spencer County. This is a year and a half in the making and each day we gain one step closer to it becoming a reality. In a little over one week from this date I'll be in Frankfort with a few other Spencer Countians to present our request for approval to further our plans for a new course.

    While I have a lot of information I used in presenting this to fiscal court prior to their backing, what I'm currently seeking are some stats I haven't been able to find. I'd appreciate it very much if anyone could set me up with some information in some of the following categories:

    1. On average how many people play disc golf in a 50mile radius of Louisville?
    2. What is the median age of disc golfers in this area? What is the average age span of disc golfers?
    3. How far are average disc golfers willing to travel to play disc golf? (general golfers, not d.g. addicts, etc.)

    I've downloaded 100+ pages from the pdga regarding ample information, but as I said, this isn't something as easy to come by. Anyone with some helpful insight please contact me here:

    Possum Ridge Disc Golf Club, Spencer County, KY.

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    Default Re: Got Disc Golf Stats?

    i can't speak for #1 and #2, but on the third point, i am an addict and would gladly drive to idlewild every day if i had the time, but if there is a idlewild-level course in spencer county, i will be there all the time, and it is not that much of a drive from louisville, so i would imagine it would get a lot of traffic from that direction...

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