Adam Higdon and I met with the Parks Administrator at the course in Georgetown yesterday and proposed a new layout for the course. With the course only being roughed in and not yet having concrete tees there is a LOT of flexibility with the layout. We walked a new layout with him and I threw many of the proposed shots showing him the value that we could add to the course with some changes. He seemed very excited and pleased at how well thought out our proposed design was.

The new design would open the course up more and better utilized the property available for the course. There would be multiple pin placements and tees and the course would be MUCH more enjoyable. There would be AT LEAST one pro par four on the course. The elevation of the land is utilized MUCH better in this new design also. It would be a COMPLETELY differant course.

Those who have a bitter taste in their mouths from this course…know that it is being worked on and if they approve our revisions to the course it will be a MUCH more desirable course to play by all. We’ll hear back from them in a few days and will keep everyone updated.