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Thread: One at Shillito

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    Default One at Shillito

    After playing the Nicholasville Open, Martin, Russ, and I went to Shillito to play a round for tags. I'd never played there, but stuck my Pro Pig in the chains. It flew through some leaves and came out the other side into the basket. I'm two for three on trips to Lexington and getting an ace now.
    All I need is some tasty waves and a cool buzz and I'm all right.

    I backhand as a hobby, I putt to pay the bills.

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    After all the years I've played shillito, I've never even come close to #1! I've aced several others there, but never even had an ace run at that one!

    My putter still doinks harder than yours!

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    Default Re: One at Shillito

    Soooooouie, here piggy, piggy, pig, pig.

    I'll never get over this one.........You gotta love a disc named Soooooouie

    Nice Ace Wyatt, just make sure you keep your pig happy and she will keep you happy.

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