The club financial balance is about $1000. Sam couldn't make the meeting so that is a ballpark figure. Wyatt has $50-$60 from leagues to give still, and DLG still needs to be paid for CV supplies he bought.

Steve spoke with Mike Duland, basically says that things are slow moving but we are being steady in our efforts for further progress. We are going to try to include our CVO in the Derby festival somehow to try to get some promotion and boost our image in the local public eye.

There is a boyscout project in the works for the area between 13 and 14. The details have not been ironed out, everything has to be approved and go through the eyes of Metro. Mike Duland will be sending a list of options/specs.
Bulletin board kits are also in the future at some point for our course. We discussed the need for BB's for those who frequent the course but don't get online

Bridge framework is done for 15/16. Work day for install will be set at some point. We are going to try too knock out the bridges soon but will need help. We want to order all of the lumber for all the remaining bridges at one time.

We discussed Martin's post about LDGC. We talked about the potential for a monthly workday, adopt a hole.

There is about $8,000 left in the CV budger from Metro. We are trying to get them to let us use that $ , or most of it, to Buy the next course. Long Run Park?

Sam is , or has, ordered some discs, Monarchs with a plain stamp, and Roc with full color.

Iq status: no immediate changes on the horizon

We also discussed voting on options for club membership and will be putting together a list to choose from that will be voted on at some meeting in the future. Options will include, discs, shirts, minis, id card, etc... at different price bundles.

The IQ tourney will be capped at 120 players, 6 extra holes.

We also discussed possibly having monthly CV fundraising tourneys

We still need more TD's, Steve and Jeremy shouldnt be felt like they are the only ones.

There will be a bag tag finale, in December. It will be playoff style.

English tourney is this weekend!

Wyatt is in school now and someone else is needed if you want a monday league still.

We discussed the possibility of putting together an LDGC brochure to promote DG (disc golf) in the area

We discussed the possibility of a set meeting schedule, but realize it may be difficult.

That pretty much sums it up

Scott Rief,
LDGC Secretary.