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Thread: 150-165g class drivers???

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    Default 150-165g class drivers???

    Anyone wanna trade or sell 150-165g class drivers? Any brand would do I would like a ultra light raging infreno dt maybe up to 160g would be sweet. Gonna throw whatever works for this worn out arm innova,discraft, gateway...Whatever it takes to be able to keep playing. Would like a monarch in this weight class if anyone wants to get rid of one.

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    Default Re: 150-165g class drivers???

    I've got a couple of super light weights, a brand spankin new 128 DX Leopard and a 128 DX EDGE Edition Shark...they were my G/F's but she doesn't care much for having to walk around the course and throwing a disc ...any who I'd be willing to give both of them up for a Champ Boss or $15 bucks.
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