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Thread: #16 at FLP

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    Default #16 at FLP

    I got 16 at Freeman.... Another 50$ ace pool.... Woot!!!
    I threw a Crystal Challenger... Two aces in less than a month with the same disc....
    So watch out all #16's my challenger is running.....
    Mark "Buzzz-B" McAlister
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    Nice shot man! It's kinda ironic that I've aced more #16's than any other hole I've aced. I've got #16 at OCP, Meade/Olin, and Iroquois. I've bounced them out a LOT on Radcliff and Freeman. I don't think I'll ever ace 16 at CV though.
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    C'mon Jeremy, don't be so negative! I think you could get #16 at C.V. if you throw your patented Sidearm-Tomahawk-Turbo-Dips-Doodle-Roller with just a bit of Hyser/Anhyser on it!

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