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Thread: Bag & Discs Stolen in Lexington

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    Default Bag & Discs Stolen in Lexington

    This is Jerry Dobbins from Lexington, Saturday night (8/30) one our our regulars (Jerry "Boone" Harrison) in Lexington/Nicholasville had his bag and discs stolen from his car. I would appreciate it if everyone is watching for people trying to sell or trade discs with his name on them. Following is a basic list of what is missing. All help appreciated... Thanks!

    Jerry Dobbins

    rough list of things stolen....
    innove tour w/phenix straps
    warlock ice bowl, black lex open, white poor boy disc tye dye and a red one
    star wraiths... two blue ones and one yellow pro wraith
    star first run xcalibur light blue
    star parks and recc. teereex light blue
    cyclone tye dye z plastic
    star tye dye sidewinder
    super color spectra yellow and red one
    dga beware the beavers tsunami blue
    yellow champ monarh

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    Default Re: Bag & Discs Stolen in Lexington

    Wow! What a scum bag!!! I hope you catch them!
    "...a glass can only spill what it contains..."

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    Default Re: Bag & Discs Stolen in Lexington

    Jerry, tell him I will bring him a few replacment discs to the Nicholasville open. I also have a bag he can have. The bag probably isn't quite what he had but it will work temporarily. I will get with you or Lyle when I get there. I will also see if I can't get a few people from up here to donate some discs.

    Hope you find the jerks, thats way uncool!

    So does anyone have a disc or two you could donate?
    Call me at 876-2248 and I will see if I can get to you before saturday.

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