This is Jerry Dobbins from Lexington, Saturday night (8/30) one our our regulars (Jerry "Boone" Harrison) in Lexington/Nicholasville had his bag and discs stolen from his car. I would appreciate it if everyone is watching for people trying to sell or trade discs with his name on them. Following is a basic list of what is missing. All help appreciated... Thanks!

Jerry Dobbins

rough list of things stolen....
innove tour w/phenix straps
warlock ice bowl, black lex open, white poor boy disc tye dye and a red one
star wraiths... two blue ones and one yellow pro wraith
star first run xcalibur light blue
star parks and recc. teereex light blue
cyclone tye dye z plastic
star tye dye sidewinder
super color spectra yellow and red one
dga beware the beavers tsunami blue
yellow champ monarh