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Thread: For Those Instrested....

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    Default For Those Instrested....

    I might be getting a job at Louisville Metro...
    Land Development Engineer... Engineer 2...
    That includes The parks as well....
    Just Hope that I can get this job....
    Mark "Buzzz-B" McAlister
    Check out this web site for info on Gateway discs!!!

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    Default Re: For Those Instrested....

    It'll be good to have a DG'er on the inside...good luck!

    BTW, FLP was looking great when I played it on Friday. That was the first time in over a year...

    My putter still doinks harder than yours!

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    Default Re: For Those Instrested....

    with an insider like that, the possibilties are endless. i see doors opening that have been knocked on for years. we need a yes man on the inside.

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