Well, I ALMOST hit my favorite ace of all time yesterday. I was playing in the Tuesday Night Leagues at Radcliff and I stepped up on the tee pad of hole #5 (the long, up hill shot). Troy Benham and his group was putting out on #2 and I shouted over to him “Hey Troy! This one’s for you buddy!”

I threw my Glow Champion Sidewinder on a perfect slight “S” shot up the hill. It BARELY nicked some leaves on a TINY branch of one of the trees and continued to make it’s way to the basket. It crashed into the chains a LITTLE high and a LITTLE left. From where I was standing I couldn’t tell if it dropped into the bottom of the basket. Everyone that witnessed it had mixed opinions on if they saw it stay in or if it fell out. As we walked up the hill I had already decided to assume the worst so that I wouldn’t get my hopes up then my partner and Paul both started saying ”It’s in…it’s in….” I looked up toward the basket and was slightly deseved by what had confused them. The small, rolled steel stock that encompasses the basket was reflecting the sun in a way that it did look like something was in the basket but…my disc laid beside the basket about three feet away…on the ground.

That would have been a SWEET one! Oh well…maybe next time!

For the remainder of the round, before every shot, I would shout back to Troy "Hey Troy! This one's for you!" It didn't work for me though!

I usually don't write up near misses but that was a SWEET shot!