What a round yesterday at leagues! We played Radcliff and ONLY six people showed up to play so we all played on one pad. With three holes left Taylor Benham and I had a four stroke lead and were setting at ten down. As we stepped on to #16’s tee I told him “Alright…we’ve got a four stroke lead with only three holes left to go…don’t think of ANYTHING but the ACE.” He threw and we were with in putting distance. I threw a WIDE hyzer route and it spiked in and SMASHED the chains a bit long but didn’t stick.

At hole #17 Taylor and Corey Compton BOTH PARKED the hole and took birdies. That was the first time I’ve EVER seen two people on the same pad two it.

Hole #18…Taylor ace runs and goes long and OB. I stepped up and said “Well…it’s the last hole and we’ve got a four stroke lead…I’ve GOT to ace run it.” I threw and slammed into the front of the basket DEAD CENTER! It was about two – four inches low!

Very exciting and frustrating finishing holes! At least the two ace runs stayed close enough to finish as birdies.