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    I am hoping you can get me the artwork by the FATPAD. I need some flexibility with the time so I can do it after hours & not have to write an invoice for it. This we we will only have to pay for the copy & I will bookmake them on my own time. Have the guy who is designing it to call me also, I need to know what program he is using. If he can save all the pages to PDF's that would be great! Especially if he is using a PC & not a Mac program.

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    I'll talk to him tomorrow. Thanx Butter!
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    Hey Butter, I'm on a Mac and created the artwork in PhotoShop, but I'm using Quark to assemble the book. I was planning on giving you the caddy book in PDF form unless you'd prefer something else.

    When we're wrapping this up next week, I'll have a couple printing questions for you about how the pages should be laid out. I'll get in touch with you then. Thanks
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