I had a great round at Freeman yesterday. It’s most likely one of the best rounds I’ve ever played. I jumped out of the car with no warm-up what so ever and my round went like this:

#1 – 2 (Long Position)
#2 – 2 (Short Position)
#3 – 3 (Short Position)
#4 – 4 (Extra Long Position)
#5 – 3 (Right Position)
#6 – 2 (Middle Position)
#7 – 3 (Long Position)
#8 – 2 (Middle Position)
#9 – 3 (Short Position)
#10 – 2
#11 – 2 (Long Position)
#12 – 3 (New Position)
#13 – 2
#14 – 2 (Long Position)
#15 – 3 (Long Pad)
#16 – 2
#17 – 2 (Short Position)
#18 – 2

I had putts for birdies on EVERY hole from no more than 50-60 feet out. Hole #4 I had a 30 footer for three that I AIR-BALLED to take the PAR 4! On #8 I threw a nice elevator shot with a beat up Roc that SLIGHTLY anhyzered over the cider on the right and then slightly hyzered back to the basket. The drive slid down the right hand side of the chains and dropped flat on the top of the cage. It looked like it spun for a second on one of the “nubs” of the cage, as if it were on the finger of a free-styler, and then it fell OUT to the right of the basket leaving me a drop in bird.

Freeman Lake is the ONLY “local” course I’ve yet to record an ACE on so…I was a little deflated that it fell out. But throwing 11 two’s and a four at one of the areas toughest courses…I left the course with my head held high.

I had a fun encounter with a duck on #17 too. As I was about to drive this two foot tall duck walked on to the front of the tee. He stood square on the opposite end of the tee from me and just stared at me with a couple random quacks. I slowly walked up to him with an extended EMPTY hand and he darted off to the right of the pad, quaking grumpily. As I returned to the back of the tee pad he marched back to the other end, squared him self up again and stared at me. I wondered if my bright yellow Destroyer was intriguing him so I held it out toward him and took a few steps in his direction. He again scurried off, quacking all the way. I looked around for eggs and didn’t see any so I didn’t feel like I was intruding and having thrown such a good round to that point I decided to go ahead and take my shot. As I took my steps for my drive the duck attacked me. In my back swing he rushed toward me, jumped into the air and snapped at me while quacking furiously. I just about fell down from laughing so hard! I held on to my disc, rather than throwing an arrant drive, and tried again. He rushed me again in my back swing but I committed to my drive and put it about 30 short of the pin. As I walked off he stood at the end of the tee, glaring at me until I was about 300 feet away. I wish I had a camera for that one.