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    threw up and got my disc wedged in the downed tree on 4 at CV - then realized i had left behind my champ avair (luckily got picked up and returned), being a disc short tossed my dx aviar high up - it s'd and 100+foot duece

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    Dang, Martin. Good shot. How was the course since the storm. Theres been several downed trees out my way. Haven't been to CV lately. I've got 2 YouTube videos of Justin Bunnell and Rocky Russell hittin some long putts on that same hole. Yours' was LONGER

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    I witnessed a Star Sidewinder found up at IQ's 1st teebox Sunday. It had the name Larry on the back with a phone number. Its in the hands of a rec. player (100% sure he won't be calling). Probably, he will give it back if ID'ed correctly. EZ going fella.
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