News and notes from the meeting

- We have reserved the pavilion across the street at CV for tournament weekend. This should allow us to have a little more space in that area, and can possible be used as tourney headquarters.

-We also did a vote and decided against tee times, so we can have more practice time and space before we play.
One round of 27 per day. Two rounds is too much for one day.

-Finances are in good order with Sam, he'll fill you in on that.

-We've paid all of our PDGA fees to run each of the Louisville tournaments

-The $1000 entry fee tournament is still a go for English. Will likely be in September and attract many of the best players in the world.

-Larry won the new logo contest. There were 2 entries.

-All 30 bag tags have been sold, and 10 more will be available shortly. Great job!

-$50 will be paid for One non playing TD for the TD's in the PDGA LDGC tournaments.

-Our order of Priorities is still... 1) Finish CV 2) Redo IQ 3) New Courses a-Long Run, b- City Loop courses (between one and three courses there)

-Bridge work at CV This SAT AT 9:00am weather permitting. We still plan to get the materials moved no matter what.

-$11,000 left in the City's Budget for CV. We hope to use as little of that as we can, and prove we have the ability to produce workers/volunteers, in hopes that the extra $ can be carried over for the use at a new course.